What's been going on?

2013-07-10 15:21:02 by Jaedowg

So I've been busy, like really busy.
But this is in a good way, hah! Generally I've started working towards uploading videos to YouTube in an attempt to get a following there. The name: Team Cryo Productions! You can get the link here:
Team Cryo's YouTube
It's the typical gaming channel with minimal Let's Plays, but we have a few different videos where someone is thrown into the middle of a game, with no idea how to play. It gets pretty interesting.

Lovely, isn't it?
As well as simply trying a few crapshoots with a capture card, the relatively successful machinima business has been kind to me, as far as having a smaller channel goes. They seem to attract a decent audience and they're fun to make! The only problem is finding voice actors that will stick around reliably to help out. This work was killed when the primary voice actor stopped responding to me altogether. Sad day for poor Jae!

This is why I'm trying again with a contest submission that will hopefully bring me a larger audience as well as giving voice actors some popularity. Wish me luck!
And I'll leave this here, since it's my favorite machinima work and I'm proud of it. Enjoy!

Well, that's all for now. Wish me luck, Newgrounds! Cheers!


2011-02-20 08:42:45 by Jaedowg

I added another Flash to the Portal recently- "A Mega Lesson On Bullying." I got a way bigger response than I imagined, so many thanks to my few, but important fans!

Flash, yeah!

2010-10-28 19:02:51 by Jaedowg

Submitted a flash to the portal, check it out, don't blam it!

I'm collabing a flash with animationGOD, too. More on that later. I've also submitted some more art and audio, check it out!


2010-06-21 21:17:29 by Jaedowg

Hi. I added some art. It's related to cake. On the words, with the flash, sunshinedafox and I are still working on it, I guess he's kinda back in action. Check out my art, tell me what you think, thanks.


Side Projects

2009-11-22 08:10:21 by Jaedowg

Ah, side projects.

Okay, recently sunshinedafox and I have started making a flash. I don't when it will be finished, so DON'T ASK! Additionally, I am working on art, and pivot-style animation. Check it out here:

I discovered something AWESOME.

2009-10-10 08:11:13 by Jaedowg

I found out about Super Mario Bros Z. 8.
I am a big fan of the series and suggest everyone check it out. It's COOL!

On the other hand, check out ParagonX9's page. There's some sweet audio there.

An update on my flash, production has been slow due to school and lotsa outside projects. Don't worry, I am still trying to work on it.

Happy Halloween and stuff like that!


2009-10-01 21:16:44 by Jaedowg

I have started to make a flash/ interactive movie titled Britt the Menace. Made as a joke from my school about a kid who finds an unmeasurable power and decides to take out his old middle school enemies before he tries world domination. But his mistake by leaving them for dead would have been his biggest mistake yet...



2009-09-08 10:38:13 by Jaedowg

I have some new user pictures up. Some art is coming, and I asked sunshinedafox if I could assist him in any way to make/finish his flash.


2009-08-20 22:46:54 by Jaedowg

My first movie got blammed.
Yep. That's about it. My movie was on no longer then 3 hours. FFUUU-
Okay, I'll calm down. In better news, my first full length movie IS in sprites, and will be out hopefully soon. Sometime, in the next month or so (?)

This post is kinda stupid

2009-08-16 20:48:07 by Jaedowg

Well, this is my first post. Hi. How are ya? Well, I really don't have much to say, so I'll just post a preview of my first official flash soon enough.